Airless Spray Painting Equipment in Pune

Airless Spray Painting Equipment

  • Heavy Duty Airless Spray Painting Equipment for contractors for spraying High Built Epoxy Paint, Coal Tar Epoxy Paint,
  • 100% volume solid Paints, Zinc Silicate, Zink Rich Primers, etc.
  • Pump is a user-friendly
  • Easy for maintenance
  • Heavy Duty Trolley with Pneumatic Wheel
  • Portable, Lightweight And User Friendly
  • Capable of Handling High Viscous Coating Materials With Powerful Spray
  • Ideal For A Wide Range of Applications Including Marine, Refineries And Heavy Fabrication
  • Marine coating & ship buildings
  • Fire retardant coatings
  • Pre Engineering building Structural coating
  • Offshore / Onshore Industries
  • Dams and roofs coating
  • Refinery
  • Pipe internal & external coating
  • Corrosion preventive coating
  • Power Plants